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Warlord is an Overlord class that specializes in increasing the power of monsters or reinforcing them.

Name XP Qt Type Text
Blood Rage 1 2 Event Play this card at the end of your turn and choose a monster. That monster immediately performs 2 attack actions, and is then defeated.
Dark Fortitude 1 2 Event Play this card after rolling defense dice. Add 2 Shield to the results.
Bloodlust 2 1 Event Play this card when a hero is knocked out. Draw 2 Overlord cards. This is in addition to your normal 1 Overlord card drawn for defeating a hero.
Expert Blow 2 1 Event Play this card when a monster attacks a hero, before rolling dice.
The attack gains +2 Heart and:
Surge: Return this card to your hand.
Reinforce 3 1 Event Play this card at the end of your turn and choose a master monster on the map.
Place minion monsters of that monster’s group in empty spaces adjacent to that monster, up to the group limit. These monsters may not be placed within 3 spaces of any hero, but may otherwise be placed in any empty space.

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