For the 10 monster traits, see Monster Traits.

Traits are keywords associated with items. They can appear in relics, Search cards, and cards in the Shop deck. Traits do not have any rules themselves, but other rules or abilities present in different cards or Hero sheets might refer to traits.

List of TraitsEdit

  • Axe - melee weapons
  • Blade - swords and daggers.
  • Book - accessory
  • Boots - accessory
  • Bow - ranged
  • Cloak - Usually associated with an attribute.
  • Exotic - diverse non classic items
  • Hammer - melee weapons associated with the Stun condition.
  • Heavy Armor - high defense at the cost of limitations
  • Helmet
  • Light Armor
  • Trinket - diverse accessories
  • Magic
  • Rune - two-handed ranged stones with runic power and inscribed items.
  • Staff
  • Shield - improve defenses
  • Trinket - diverse items like talismans

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