Thief - Cardback
Thief is one of the class options for the archetype Scout.


This class was first introduced in the Second Edition base game

The thief's play style revolves around enhancing its capacity to collect search tokens and sneaking around the map. Its starting equipment are the Throwing Knives, the trinket Lucky Charm, and the skill Greedy.

List of SkillsEdit

Name XP Text Play Cost
Greedy 0 Action: Search a search token within 3 spaces of you. 1 Fatigue
Appraisal 1 After you draw a Search card, you may discard it to draw a new Search card. You must keep the second card. -
Dirty Tricks 1 Action: Perform an attack with a Melee or Blade weapon. If the attack deals at least 1 Heart (after rolling a defense dice), the target is Stunned. 1 Fatigue
Sneaky 1 You gain +1 Heart on attacks against monsters that did not have a line of sight of at start of your turn (even if this card is exhausted).
You may exhaust this card to perform an open or close a door action without using an action.
Caltrops 2 When a monster moves into an empty space adjacent to you, exhaust this card to test Awareness. If you pass, the monster suffers 1 Heart and is Immobilized. 1 Fatigue
Tumble 2 Exhaust this card during your turn. While this card is exhausted, you may move through enemy figures. 1 Fatigue
Unseen 2 Exhaust this card during your turn. While this card is exhausted, each attack that targets you misses unless the attacker spends 1 Surge. 2 Fatigue
Bushwhack 3 Exhaust this card during your turn to attack a monster that is the only monster in your line of sight. This attack does not require an action. 1 Fatigue
Lurk 3 Exhaust this card during your turn to perform a search action; this does not require an action. While this card is exhausted, add 1 addtional brown die to your defense pool. 1 Fatigue


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