Sun Stone
Hero Relic - Sun Stone
Card Stats
Card Type: Hero Relic
Trait: Trinket
Worn: Other
Relic Counterpart: Sun's Fury
Quest reward: Ruinous Whispers
Labyrinth of Ruin
DJ04 Labyrinth of Ruin
Add 1 additional green power die to your attack pool.

If you are defeated, place the sun stone token in your space.


Q: When the Sun Stone is equipped by a hero, can that hero perform an attack and elect not to use it, or is its ability to add the green die compulsory?
A: The card as written does not give a choice, so the added green die is compulsory.
Source[1] Kara Centell-Dunk, Game Developer, Fantasy Flight Games

Q: What happens if a hero with the sun stone is defeated and the sun stone token is not picked up before the end of the encounter?
A: The sun stone is returned to that hero.
Source[2] FAQ v1.6 page 7

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