Song Token

Song Token

The Bard class has several skills that interact with song tokens.

These tokens are used specifically with the Bard class. When a player chooses the Bard class during Hero Setup, he places the song tokens in a supply near his play area.

There are two song tokens: a melody song token and a harmony song token. During a game, these tokens are either near the Bard’s play area or on one of his Class cards. Each time an effect allows the Bard to place a song token, he takes either the melody or harmony song token from its current location and places it as indicated by the effect. Each token can be on only one Class card at a time.

Many of the Bard’s Class cards have effects that may trigger when a song token is present on that card. These cards contain symbols that match the symbol on the token, either melody or harmony. When a song token is on a Class card with a matching song effect, that effect triggers as described on the card. Class cards with song effects trigger only if the corresponding token is on that card. Song tokens remain on Class cards when the Bard is knocked out, but the tokens and any matching song effects are not active. At the end of an encounter, the Bard returns all song tokens to the supply.

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