Artwork of Skarn.

Skarn is a Lieutenant from the Manor of Ravens expansion.


“Odd things happen when a wizard dies. His memories and desires echo, and his might doesn’t just fade away, it seeps into the world around him. If Skarn is a product of a wizard’s death and can harness that power, I tremble to think what it may be capable of.”

Skarn’s origins lie shrouded in mystery. Some believe that he has always guarded the manor house, even before the death of the High Mage that lived there. Others suggest that he was unintentionally created from residual magic released by the wizard’s death. Still others would say that the ravens created a new guardian after the passing of their old master. Whether Skarn is a raging monster hungry for power or a misunderstood soul devoted to a lonely cause, all agree that Skarn’s potential stretches far beyond what can be allowed.

Years in the future, scholars will debate the nature and origin of Skarn. Most believe he was unintentional, that when Ithyndrus died, the unfinished construct absorbed part of his life force and magic.

Some contend that he has always been there, watching over the manor even before the wizard arrived. Many who saw him claim it was the ravens. Longing for their lost master, the ravens created another to care for and guard them.

Whatever he is, everyone agrees that he has to be destroyed. Whether a raging monster hungry for power or a misunderstood soul devoted to a lonely cause, Skarn contains potential beyond that which should be allowed.


Attack Type: Melee

Base Size: 2x2

Act IEdit

Might 4 Knowledge 3 Willpower 4 Awareness 1
Special 1
Special 2
Energy Drain 3
Special 3
Surge: Mend 3
Heroes Speed Health Defense
2 3 10 1 Black
3 3 13 2 Gray
4 3 18 2 Gray
1 Blue + 1 Yellow

Act IIEdit

Might 4 Knowledge 3 Willpower 4 Awareness 1
Special 1
Energy Drain 4
Special 2
Special 3
Surge: Mend 4
Special 4
Surge: +1
Heroes Speed Health Defense
2 3 16 2 Gray
3 3 19 1 Black + 1 Gray
4 3 24 1 Black + 1 Gray
1 Blue + 1 Red + 1 Yellow


  • Flail: When attacking, this monster may target 2 separate heroes. This monster makes 1 attack roll and each hero rolls defense dice separately.
  • Energy Drain X: If a hero suffers Heart as a result of an attack from Skarn, you may cause that hero to suffer up to X Heart as Fatigue instead.
  • Mend X: This monster recovers X Heart.
  • Thrash: Perform an attack. This attack affects each figure adjacent to Skarn. Each figure rolls defense dice separately.

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