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Silhouette is a playable hero in the fourth Hero and Monster Collection set, Guardians of Deephall. She was previously playable in the Second Edition Conversion Kit.


In her work as an assassin, she only killed at dawn. The sunset before the assassination, her victims received a scrap of paper bearing the image of her iconic blade. Many mistook this sigil as a last warning, a final opportunity to flee or make amends. But after a long night of futile flight or pleading, Silhouette materialized at daybreak, a dark figure shrouded in the brilliance of the rising sun. Though she sports a checkered past, she now turns her skills against the minions of the overlord, eager to defend the innocent people of Deephall.


Silhouette Archetype: Scout
Silhouette2 Speed 5 Hero Ability
Health 10 Each time you perform an attack and roll an X result, choose 1 monster adjacent to you. That monster suffers Heart equal to 1 plus the number of weapons you have equipped.
Stamina 4
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
3 Might Knowledge 2 Action: You may move double your Speed. During this movement, each time you enter a space that contains a search token, you may suffer 1 Fatigue to search that search token.
1 Willpower Awareness 5
"Don't worry... I'll just be right around the corner."

Statistics (Conversion Kit)Edit

Silhouette Archetype: Scout
Silhouette Speed 5 Hero Ability
Health 10 Each time you roll an X on your attack roll, you may deal 1 Heart to 1 monster adjacent to you.
Stamina 4
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
3 Might Knowledge 2 Action: Move double your Speed. You may search any number of search tokens you move adjacent to during this movement without performing an action to do so.
1 Willpower Awareness 5
"Shhh... This will only hurt for a moment."

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