Rise of all Goblins is a Coop campaign available in Road to Legend (Descent’s PC or tablet companion).

Specifics rules are used in this campaign[1] as explained in the tutorial.

Description : Edit

« Leap to the aid of an unlikely friend – Splig, King of All Goblins! Is the end of all goblins truly nigh, or are you only pawns of Splig’s latest scheme? »

Intro : Edit

Your adventure begins with a note shoved under your door. Scrawled in large, unpracticed letters:

"Hey stupid heroes!

Everything is terrible! The Lair of All Goblins has been overrun by wicked things that dumb heroes like you always fight. You must come here, beat them up, and break their things to stop the unthinkable: the end of all goblins! You obviously don’t know where the lair of All Goblins is, so I drew a map. Don’t lose it!

Your fearsome master,


The map is rough but legible, leading to a place you clearly recognize as the Parigreth ruins. Having nothing better to do, you gather your gear and depart.

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