Reflective Ward
Overlord Card - Reflective Ward
Card Stats
Card Type: Overlord Card
Class: Basic II
Type: Magic
Basic II starting card
Labyrinth of Ruin
DJ04 Labyrinth of Ruin
Play this card when a hero attacks a monster, before rolling dice.

The attacking hero may choose to suffer 2 Fatigue. If he cannot suffer the Fatigue, or chooses not to, he will be dealt Heart equal to the Heart dealt to the monster.


Q: If the overlord plays "Reflective Ward" and the hero cannot suffer the Fatigue or chooses not to, how does a hero determine the amount of damage he suffers?
A: The attacking hero adds up all of the Heart results, including any additional Heart the attack gains from Surge results. Then, he rolls his defense pool, canceling 1 Heart for each Shield result and suffering the rest of the Heart. No other effects from the attack, such as a condition, will apply to the hero.
Source[1] FAQ v1.6 page 7

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