The Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)

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Ravaella Lightfoot is a playable hero in the expansion Shadow of Nerekhall.


To the big folk, gnomes are hardly worthy of notice, never to be respected and certainly never trusted. Ravaella Lightfoot saw no reason to be stopped by this, managing to gain access to the University. Despite the efforts of the faculty and staff, she acquired many skills in the mystic arts. Now, she plies her trade to prove that gnomes can do anything the other races can, and do it better!


Ravaella Lightfoot Archetype: Mage
Ravaella Speed 4 Hero Ability
Health 8 If you roll 1 or more blanks when rolling defense dice, add 1 Shield to your defense results.
Stamina 5
Defense 1 Black Heroic Feat
1 Might Knowledge 4 Use when you are attacked, after you roll defense dice, to test Knowledge and Awareness. For each test you pass, add 3 Shield to your defense results.
2 Willpower Awareness 4
"Am I here? Am I over there? Or am I right behind you?"

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