The Monk is a class option for the Scout archetype, available to all scout Heroes. It is one of the first Hybrid classes, first introduced in The Chains that Rust. It hybridizes with any class belonging to the Healer archetype.

As a hybrid class, it gets a limited number of skills itself, and cannot gain the high-end skills of the class it hybridizes with. For example, were it to hybridize with the Bard class, the Monk would be able to purchase any class card of the Bard class (as well as any class card of the Monk class itself) except Cacophony or Wayfarer, since either of those would cost 3 experience points.

The Monk's starting equipment is determined by the healer class it hybridizes with. Like other hybrid classes, it only receives four skills on it's own, the rest of it's skills dependent on the class it hybridizes with.

List of SkillsEdit

Name XP Text Play Cost
Greater Calling 0 When you gain this card, choose 1 standard Class deck belonging to the Healer archetype.
When you spend experience points, you may purchase skills from either Class deck, excluding cards with an XP cost of 3 from the chosen standard Class deck.
Inner Balance 1 Exhaust this card when you declare a rest action. 1 hero within 3 spaces of you may discard 1 Condition card.
While this card is exhausted, apply +1 to your Awareness, Might, Willpower and Knowledge (to a maximum of 6 each).
1 Fatigue
Openhanded 2 Use this card when you defeat a monster with your bare hands to immediately perform 1 additional attack.
Each time you perform an attack with your bare hands, that attack gains:
Pierce X, where X is equal to the Range result.
Surge: Stun
1 Fatigue
Vow of Freedom 3 Each time you perform an attack with your bare hands or an Exotic weapon, after dice are rolled, you may change each X result to another result of your choice.
If you do not have Light Armor or Heavy Armor equipped, you may change each of your blank defense results to another result of your choice.

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