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Grey Ker is a playable hero in the seventh Hero and Monster Collection set, Treaty of Champions. He was previously playable in the Second Edition Conversion Kit.


A hungry childhood on the streets taught Grey Ker that even the most despicable wretch might be kind to children and a priest might steal from the poor. In adulthood, he lives by a simple code: justice is forged, not found. However, the justice that he employs is often beyond the scope of the transgression, causing many, even his own brother, to denounce his deeds. Regardless, there are many who still work alongside Grey Ker, a man of undeniable results.


Grey Ker Archetype: Scout
GreyKer2 Speed 4 Hero Ability
Health 12 After you have performed your first action each round, you may choose to suspend your turn. If you do, resume your turn after another hero finishes his turn this round.
Stamina 5
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
3 Might Knowledge 2 Use at the start of your turn to receive 1 additional action this turn.
3 Willpower Awareness 4
"If justice is the shadow of a setting sun, I am the midnight that follows."

Previous Statistics (Conversion Kit)Edit

Grey Ker Archetype: Scout
GreyKer Speed 4 Hero Ability
Health 10 If you perform only 1 action on your turn, then later this round you may take a second turn, during which you receive only 1 action. Your second turn must be taken after a hero's turn and before the overlord's turn.
Stamina 5
Defense 1 Gray Heroic Feat
2 Might Knowledge 2 Use at the start of your turn to immediately perform 1 free action. This is in addition to your 2 actions on your turn.
3 Willpower Awareness 4
"I'm not the thin line between black and white... I'm the thin line between your life and your death."

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