First Strike
Wildlander - First Strike
Hero: Scout
Class: Wildlander
Card Stats
Card Type: Skill
Play Cost: 2 Fatigue
XP cost: 2 XP
DJ01 Base Game
During the overlord's turn, immediately after he chooses a monster to activate, you may exhaust this card to perfom an attack targeting that monster with a Bow. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation.


Q: Can Wildlander's skills 'Running Shot' and 'First Strike' be combined? Can he move at all and when exactly (during Overlord's turn)?

What is the difference between moves from movement points and other moves (like 'Nimble' or Wildlander's heroic feat)? Can excessive movement points be carried from turn to turn?

A: Yes, a Wildlander can use Running Shot and First Strike together. When used with First Strike, the Wildlander must spend the movement points during the overlord's turn.

Movement points cannot be carried from turn to turn.

Source[1] Adam Sadler, Managing Game Designer, Fantasy Flight Games

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