If a monster is defeated during your turn, exhaust this card. At the start of your turn, either refresh this card or choose 1 hero within 3 spaces of you to suffer 2 Heart.
You are tainted. While knocked out, you can only recover Heart from untainted heroes or heroic feats.
Blood! Death! Glory!


Q: Can somebody explain how this card works? I am not really seeing a downside to this card.
A: When a monster goes down (for any reason: you defeat it, another hero defeats it, the overlord sacrifice it, ...), you exhaust Death Rage. Your thirst of blood is satisfied.
At the start of your turn, when you have to refresh cards, if you cannot refresh Blood Rage (because no monster died the last turn) you must satisfy your bloodthirsty instincts and you or another hero within 3 spaces of you must suffer 2 wounds.
Source[1] boardgamegeeks user Erik Burigo

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