Overlord Card - Dash
Card Stats
Card Type: Overlord Card
Class: Basic
Type: Event
Basic starting card
Copies: 2
DJ01 Base Game
Play this card when activating a monster during your turn. That monster may perform an additional move action this turn in addition to its normal 2 actions.


Q: When can we play Dash or Frenzy? When we first activate the monster before we take actions? Or at any time while we are still activating said monster?
A: Those Overlord cards may be played at any point during a monster's activation.
Source[1] Adam Sadler, Managing Game Designer, Fantasy Flight Games

Q:[2] Is there anything preventing the use of two dashes on the same monster or lieutenant on the same turn?
A: Two Overlord cards with the same name cannot be played on the same target in response to the same triggering condition.
Source[3] Rules of Play page 16

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