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Champion is one of the class options for the archetype Warrior.


This class was first introduced in the Lair of the Wyrm expansion.

The Champion class involves the use of Valor tokens, which are exclusive to it and serve as a personal currency for the activation of its skills. These token can also be given to other heroes. With some of his skills, the Champion can allow others to , for example, add one Heart to an attack result.

The starting equipment for the Champion are the Worn Greatsword, the Horn of Courage, and the skill Valor of Heroes.

List of SkillsEdit

Name XP Text Play Cost
Valor of Heroes 0 Each time you defeat a monster with an attack using a Melee weapon you gain 1 valor.
Before rolling his attack dice, a hero may spend 1 valor to add 1 Heart to his attack results (limit once per attack).
A Living Legend 1 Exhaust this card when you would suffer any amount of Heart (from any source). You may spend up to 3 valor to reduce the Heart suffered by 1 for each valor spent. 1 Fatigue
Glory of Battle 1 Each time you defeat a monster, each other hero within 3 spaces of you gains 1 valor.
Before rolling his defense dice, a hero may spend 1 valor to add 1 Shield to his defense results (limit once per defense roll)
Inspiring Presence 1 Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself) performs an attack, this attack gains:
Surge: Gain 1 valor
In addition, you may spend 1 valor to allow a hero within 3 spaces of you to reroll a failed Willpower test (once per Willpower test).
Motivating Charge 2 Action: Exhaust this card to move up to your Speed and perform an attack with a Melee weapon.
If this attack defeats a monster, each hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself) may either gain 1 valor or recover 1 Fatigue.
2 Fatigue
No Mercy 2 After the overlord completes a monster group's activation, a hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself) may spend 2 valor to exhaust this card and immediately perform an attack. -
Stoic Resolve 2 Each time your or a hero within 3 spaces of you spends any number of valor, you or 1 hero adjacent to you may recover 1 Fatigue. -
For the Cause 3 Add 1 brown die to your defense pool (even if this card is exhausted).
Exhaust this card when a monster declares an attack targeting you or a hero adjacent to you and spend any number of valor. For each valor spent, add 1 gray die to the target hero's defense pool.
1 Fatigue
Valorous Strike 3 Each time you gain valor, you may instead place a damage token on this card.
After one of your attacks with a Melee weapon deals at least 1 Heart (after rolling defense dice), you may exhaust this card to deal +1 Heart for each damage token on this card.
Then discard all damage tokens from this card.


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