Saboteur is an Overlord class that specializes in setting traps for the hero players.

Name XP Qt Type Text
Explosive Runes 1 2 Trap Play this card after a hero opens a door or searches. That hero, and each hero within 2 spaces of him tests Awareness. Each hero who fails suffers 1 Heart for each Shield rolled in excess of his Awareness.
Web Trap 1 2 Trap Play this card when a hero enters an empty space. That hero and each hero adjacent to him tests Might. Each hero who fails is Immobilized.
Curse of the Monkey God 2 1 Trap Play this card after a hero searches. That hero tests Knowledge. If he passes, draw 1 Overlord card. If he fails, he becomes a monkey until the end of his next turn. Take 1 of his hero tokens as a reminder.
Monkeys cannot roll defense dice (except to test an attribute), have a Speed of 5, and cannot attack for any reason.
Wicked Laughter 2 1 Event Play this card when a hero passes an attribute test. The hero must take the test again, this time treating his attribute as if it were 1 lower. If the hero passes this new attribute test, draw 1 Overlord card.
Uthuk Demon Trap 3 1 Trap Play this card after a hero opens a door or searches. He tests Awareness or Might (his choice). If he passes, he suffers Heart equal to the attribute tested. If he fails, he is defeated.

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