Magus is an Overlord class that specializes in casting magic spells to either harm heros or help monsters.

Name XP Qt Type Text
Unholy Ritual 1 2 Magic Play this card at the start of your turn. Choose one of your monster groups and draw Overlord cards equal to the number of figures from that group on the map. Choose and keep 2 cards and discard the rest. Each monster in that group performs 1 less action during this turn.
Word of Pain 1 2 Magic Play this card at the end of your turn. Each hero tests Might. Each hero who fails suffers 1 Heart.
Rise Again 2 1 Magic Play this card when a minion or master monster is defeated to place a fatigue token on the map in that monster's space. At the start of your next turn, place that monster on the map within 5 spaces of where it was defeated. At the end of your next turn, remove that monster (and the token) from the map.
Word of Despair 2 1 Magic Play this card at the end of your turn. Each hero tests Willpower. Each hero who fails suffers 1 Fatigue each time he performs an action during his next turn. This Fatigue is suffered after the hero completely resolves the action. (He may perform actions even if his Fatigue equals his Stamina; excess Fatigue is converted to Heart as usual.
Diabolic Power 3 1 Magic Play this card during your turn. Search your deck and discard pile for the card of your choice, reveal it, and place it in your hand, then shuffle your deck.
If the chosen card is an Event, every hero tests Willpower. If it is a Trap, every hero tests Awareness. If it is Magic, every hero tests Knowledge. Each hero who fails suffers 2 Heart.

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