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is one of the class options for the archetype Mage. This class was first introduced in the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion.

The Conjurer stands ready to distract the overlord’s monsters with his images. The Conjurer can use his images for any number of tricks, such as redirecting his line of sight, slowing down monsters, or granting himself more dice for attack or defense.


image token.

The Conjurer is characterized by the placement and movement of image tokens (4), unique for this class and that allow for multiple line of sights and attack opportunities. All image tokens are treated as hero figures that roll a grey defense die. If the image takes any amount of damage or fatigue, it is discarded, and you will suffer one damage and one fatigue. Starting equipement for this class are the Prismatic Staff and the abilities Mirror Image and Channeling.

List of SkillsEdit

Name XP Text Play Cost
Channeling 0 You may discard any number of image tokens at any time during your turn.
You may spend 1 movement point during your turn to move an image token 1 space.
Action: Perform an attack with a Magic weapon. Measure range and line of sight from one of your image tokens.
Mirror Image 0 Use this card during your turn and suffer Fatigue equal to the number of image tokens on the map. Then, place 1 image token in an empty space within 2 spaces of your figure.
An image token is treated as a hero figure with your attributes and a grey defense die. If an image token suffers Heart or Fatigue, it is discarded, and you suffer 1 Heart and 1 Fatigue.
Illusory Path 1 Monsters must spend 1 additional movement point to enter a space adjacent to an image token.
Each time you suffer 1 Fatigue to gain 1 movement point, you may move an image token 1 space.
Many Friends 1 If you are adjacent to 1 or more image tokens, add 1 additional brown die to your defense pool.
If there are 3 or more image tokens on the map, add 1 additional green power die to your attack pool.
Refraction 1 Action: Exhaust this card to place 1 image token in an empty space within 3 spaces of another image token. Then, you may perform an attack with a Magic weapon. If you do, measure range and line of sight from one of those image tokens. 2 Fatigue
Blinding Light 2 Exhaust this card when you are attacked, before dice are rolled to add 2 Shield to your defense result. After the attack resolves, place 1 image token in an empty space adjacent to your figure. If this attack did not deal at least 1 Heart (after defense roll), you may move up to 2 spaces. 2 Fatigue
Focus Fire 2 Action: Perform an attack with a Magic weapon. This attack gains +1 Heart for every image token within 3 spaces of the target. 1 Fatigue
Sleight of Mind 2 Action: Choose 1 image token within 5 spaces of your figure and remove your figure from the map. Replace the chosen image token with your figure and discard the token. Then each monster adjacent to your figure is Stunned. 2 Fatigue
Prismatic Assault 3 Action: Exhaust this card. For each image token on the map, you may either move the image token up to your speed or perform an attack with a Magic weapon. If you perform an attack, measure line of sight and range from the image token. 3 Fatigue
Vortex 3 Action: Exhaust this card and choose an image token on the map. Move each monster within 3 spaces of that image token up to 2 spaces. Each monster must end his movement within 3 spaces of the image token. Each of those monsters suffers 2 Heart. 2 Fatigue


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